Egg baskets

I think that Jagex should let us keep the egg basket and get to use it as a weapon. It would be awesome if we could use it like a ranging item and through the eggs at opponents!

I dont like the ranged bit but yeah we should be able to keep them

i thaught that too actually,
i love the ranged idea tho

Yes that rangin idea is great

Off Topic:I think its unfair that the rubber chicken has -100 every attck thing

The range idea is crazy. It’s not bad, just crazy.

chaztheman17: It is meant to be like that. Think about it in real life. If I whacked you a million times with it you won’t die. It’s a rubber chicken for goodness’s sake!

That would be cool. Sort of like discus.

that sounds good

OMG chops your avvy is frikkin hilarious!!! :lol:
well then people would be asking people egg me all the time they couldn’t tell the difference… :?

yea its a good idea and throwing eggs at ppl would be fun

It’ll be funny if you could do that… Maybe you could the Stats would be like Mithril stuff…

Great idear and very funny could put a bit of graffic in it as well like have brown all over ther head from the eggs

Hey, i’ve bn slapped by a rubber chiken in real life and it god dam hurts,

it hit me with a 3