Electronic Cigarettes information.

Edit: Added vaping information.

How they work:

E-Juice (or E-Liquid) is made of VG and PG. That stands for Propylene Glycol (PG) and Vegetable Glycerin (VG). Both are FDA approved. Then, nicotine (in varying strengths depending on your needs - even 0 mg is offered for those who just want to taste the deliciousness) is added. This is your basic flavorless juice. Now, flavoring is added. Most commonly, candy and cake flavorings are used. Again, this is also FDA approved. All products in the juice are individually FDA approved. You’ll often hear supporters of Big Tobacco make claims that it’s not “FDA approved”, but they mean the combination is not FDA approved. Neither is broccoli and cauliflower being mixed together, but no one tries to stop it.

Nicotine by itself is not actually “bad for you”. It has health benefits! Ultimately, it is as bad for you as caffeine is. If not a little less. It is linked to many health benefits, and Big Tobacco has pointed this out for YEARS to help keep cigarettes legal. Nicotine took a lot of flack for what it was associated with. When separated from all of those deadly chemicals though, it is a perfectly fine thing when consumed in the very moderate portions of e-cigs.

This E-Juice is then applied to an atomizer (in a multitude of ways, I will explain in depth shortly) which then heats the liquid into a vapor. This works in a similar manner (actually, the exact same way) as nebulizers and fog machines. It’s effectively just a breathing treatment with nicotine added.

Atomizers, Cartomizers and Cartridges. An atomizer (or atty/addy) is the basic heating component, and many people (myself included) prefer a method known as “direct dripping”. This means dripping juice directly onto the atomizer in order to vape. This produces a very clean flavor. Other methods include cartomizers. A cartomizer (or carto) is an atomizer which has been inserted into a tube with filler materials for absorbing the juice. This juice then slowly wicks itself to the atomizer, allowing you to vape longer without having to drip often. A cartridge (or cart) is prefilled with juice and works like a cartomizer, only prefilled.

There is no scientific data to suggest vaping is harmful in any way whatsoever. There is, however, much data to suggest it is healthier than NOT vaping!

As most of you would most likely be in your early teens now, it’s safe to assume at least some of you are now smokers. Most of you know I was a devout smoker and defender of smokers and smoker rights. Arguing that cigarettes were not nearly as bad for you as the media would have you believe. I still believe this, however, this is no arguing that E-Cigs are better in every way.

I have recently started “vaping”. I now vape 24mg nicotine strength e-juice in my Saber Touch VV (at about 5 volts to 6 volts generally) and have not craved a cigarette in over a month. I’m no expert in comparison to the guys at ECF, but I’d be happy to help walk any RSR members here through the process (including helping get you deals and sales since I know so many people in the vaping community of the world - and am well respected).

Feel free to ask any questions about vaping if you are a smoker. I’d love to help recruit even more people to vaping!

Three months and 2 days since my last cigarette.

I’ve saved just short of 1,000 US dollars since I started using my Saber Touch.

That’s great! I’m sure saving all that extra money is nice.

Just be sure your cigarette doesn’t explode like this guy’s http://abcnews.go.com/Health/electric-cigarette-explodes-fla-mans-face/story?id=15645605#.T3s8Y6tSRAI

It was proven that that guy (and every single other case of exploding batteries) was user error, and them using the ecig in ways not intended.

All lithium ion batteries (which, mind you, I don’t even use. I use AW IMR which, while similar, are dramatically more difficult to make explode) can explode. Every single year tons of cell phones blow up, for instance. Yet, one ecig blows up and the whole world goes crazy. All because Big Tobacco is scared that there is finally a healthy alternative to smoking.

Vaping is honestly the best thing that ever happened to me. Lots of my non-smoker friends are even vaping now (with 0mg juice) because it just tastes SO GOOD. This is the future. People will be doing this for years. Snack foods will even start losing out because why eat all those calories when I can taste something just as good if not better for 0 calories?

Just edited the original post to include information on vaping which may interest those interested in vaping. =)

I think it’s great that smokers have alternatives to actual cigarettes, however saying “Snack foods will even start losing out because why eat all those calories when I can taste something just as good if not better for 0 calories?” I think may be a little over the top, lol.

The fact is that nicotine is still one of the most addictive drugs out there. If you want to pick up an addiction stronger than coke or heroin then sure go ahead, however for myself I would prefer not to. Also I think “Ultimately, it is as bad for you as caffeine is.” may be a little bit of an understatement. While some people may experience some headaches when they don’t have caffeine, it certainly isn’t as addictive as nicotine and you don’t go through major withdrawals without it.

Like I said, I have nothing against these products, giving smokers a healthier alternative is something I can’t complain about, I just think not having a habit is ultimately better for you.

You clearly have not tried vaping on a device like mine with the juices I have. I’ve lost a ton of weight since I started vaping just because I never want to eat because real food doesn’t taste as good. I’ve got a snickerdoodle vape (thank you Mrs. T! One of the best vendors out there!) that honestly tastes leaps and bounds better than the real deal.

I actually laughed out loud at nicotine being more addictive than “coke or heroin”. At first I thought you were joking and I expected a “JK” in there somewhere. Boy what are they teaching you kids in school these days!? Nicotine itself is honestly not that addictive. I found out recently I’m not even addicted to it after 15 years of smoking. It’s the ritual you get addicted to. That joy and sensation. The flick of the zippo. If I told you to suddenly start whipping your ass with a different hand (say, left instead of right if you usually use your right hand) you’d have a hard time because you’re addicted to that. It comes naturally to you.

Keep in mind that cigarettes have tons of chemicals in them that work in making nicotine get to your system faster and more violently. THAT is where addiction comes in. Nicotine in itself is fine. Hell, I accidentally get pure nicotine into my mouth all the time when I mix my own juice (something most vapers choose not to do, but I find it pretty fun). The stigma of smoking has put a bad name into nicotine, and there is tons of propaganda out there thanks to big tobacco lobbyists (and I used to be one of them) spreading lies or falsehoods. Nicotine itself? Basically harmless in proper portions.

A lot of studies are showing that caffeine is more addictive than nicotine. How many people do you know who are addicted to nicotine patches, eh?

Brushing your teeth is a habit. Taking medicine is a habit. Combing your hair is a habit. Vaping is too. A habit doesn’t have to be a bad thing.

Various sources will disagree with you on the addictiveness of Nicotine.

“Thus although cigarettes do not offer as intense an effect as drugs like heroin and cocaine, they rank higher in a number of other factors. They not only create dependence among users but also elicit a high degree of tolerance, the need for more and more of a drug to satisfy a craving. When all the factors are added up, the consensus view among scientists is that nicotine is strongly addictive.”

Directly outlines these factors that in conjunction make nicotine such an addictive force.

"A lot of studies are showing that caffeine is more addictive than nicotine. " okay, direct me to some of those studies then because after some searching I found none.
“How many people do you know who are addicted to nicotine patches, eh?” Your right I don’t know anybody who is, but how many people do you see that need a caffeine patch to break their addiction? Zero.

Your argument that it just a habit like brushing teen or taking medicine is a fallacy. Brushing your teeth and taking medicine are done to preserve your health and are good habits. Vaping as a habit is not inherently bad, but addiction to nicotine in result to that can certainly be seen as an undesirable side effect of such a habit.

I’m going to ask that you take this conversation either to another thread or to private message with me. You have a lot of pseudo-science in your last post including suggesting that one thing is good for you while another (which you are uneducated on to begin with) is bad for you. This is actually offensive to me and this is off topic. I will again ask that you leave this discussion and I will ask moderators to remove post #8 from this thread.

Please check out CASAA for all science behind the electronic-cigarettes of today. A lot of the faux science that you’re so used to seeing is all debunked there. I, however, am not interested in derailing this thread. So, please take it to PM with me for science discussion and mods please remove post #8.