Elite Order clan 90+ cb 100+members

<span style=‘font-size:11pt;line-height:100%’>Only Recruiting Active Members!! If this is not you, please dont bother reading on.

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You are now reading the recruitment topic of legends to be! Elite Order has what YOU want in a clan. Why? this is because our key factor in leading clans is souly based around Freedback. If you have a suggestion or idea about how we run things We Welcome You To LET US KNOW about it.
We provide Weekly events chosen by you, the people going on the events. We also hold ‘Official Events’ that will be decided by the Leading Team.
We are a Pk’ing based Clan, but do other events often, and support them. Perhaps more unoffially than official

Events are as follows:
[li]Castle Wars
[/li][li]Fight Pits
[/li][li]PKing (Deep Wildy)
[/li][li]Iron Wars
[/li][li]Mith Wars
[/li][li]Addy Wars
[/li][li]Extrernal Clan wars
[/li][li]Internal Clan wars
[/li][li]Drop parties
[/li][li]Misc parties
[/li][/ul]And of course others can and will be arranged, just as un-official Events.

Here are some Video’s

Elite Order Promo vid 3

Elite Order pk trip 2

3 way death match

The requirements for Elite Order are:

90 combat+

85-89 combat is an exception if you have range/mage 85+
Average combat Level Currently (Updated Weekly):

Taster of Members:

Chran206 123
Sir Flame12 99 ranged (rank 84)

High Council
Monkey Moejo 126. Rank 75th in the game
00ding123 95,90+ range

War lord

War Council

War Captain
chinstar - 106 combat - 99 range / 91+ mage
Nosta khan - 111 combat - 94 mage
Events Team

Demonsz 125 combat
Un holy - 122
ingham471 - 121
Superpeaman -122 combat
sniper81 - 121
pidan - 118
vramsey - 117
Tech Money9 - 116
martindkdk - 113
zammygod05 - 110
Flip Sake 110 combat
Omegared91 - 101
1990xxranger - 101 combat
zeldum - 101 combat/ 95+ range
Ryu143 - 103 combat
baby sniper - 101

This is just a few members

Here is a nice collection of Screen shots taken by various members Already in the clan Whilst in the clan:

Here’s our site again: Elite Order Forums