enchanting weapons

wouldnt it be cool if u could enchant weapons with different elements. all enemies would have strengths and weaknesses. so for example, if you are fighting something that is a fire user,you can use a water enchanted weapon for xtra damage.

armor also, smith it by using rune essence with it or elemental ore

ya i could live with that

so u have to do rune mysteries quest (^_^)

Yah i like this idea, i could make a screenshot of this… should i?
i make screenshots as a profession! its almost an art for me! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

yes jolio maybe u should make us all pay u for making the screenshots. except me cause it was my idea. :lol:

i could live with enchanting weapons but than the weapon should look different. like maybe a fire enchanted blade would have fire around it. and it would only last for like 5 hours.

jolio can u make a screenshot of a skimmy with fire outline? or like a flaming skimmy?

hmmm…i dont know if you should use rune essence as much as elemental bars since elemenat bars are a metal and not a rock like rune stones? Rocks are extremely brittle and break easy, almost like glass! try smashing on one with a REAL pickaze sometime! elemental would definitley be a better choice, even though i am an f2p player

cool idea…make the screenshots that would be awesome

yeah it would be cool having an enchanted faster r2h so it would be as fast as the scimmy

Enchanted weapons is nothing new. Infact there is a game, called Adventure Quest that does have enchanted weapons and armour. They are broken down into Energy, Earth, Water, Fire, Ice, Wind, Darkness, and Light.

but it would be new in runescape. i have a ps2 game called everquest and champions of norath. u can enchant weopons and summon skeletons from the dead

hmm…you could use the runes with the armour, kinda like enchanting amulets…

This idea is kool! they already do this with mage in desert treausre so why now wepons? Great idea!

yeah that idea is great. i would luv 2 b able 2 hit better with the same weapon and str

Awesome idea.
it would be awesome to have a multi-elemental scimmy and slice ur enemies head off and deal double damage to elemental weakness.

Wow Mrfroster this topic was made last year, and you decide to bump it up to now! Lol I really don’t care… But that is a pretty cool idea I guess :cool:


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