Energy Drink!

what if there was a sortof energy drink u could by for like 10gp thats like gatorade or powerade. It puts ur energy back by 25% for every 1 that u drink. And u could buy it from bars.
sickmate 8)

Jagex would only do that if powerade sponored them. Besides, rs is in the medievil times. still attacking with swords.

well, uhhh, i dont mean powerade or gatorade, i mean LIKE them
it could be made from aggie the witch or sumthing with some weird ingredients
sickmate 8)

Yeah, I think that’s a pretty good idea… Keep up the good work… I wouldn’t mind paying 10 gp for something that’ll give back a fourth of my total energy… I would think 40 gp would be worth having your energy totally filled again when you really need it… Like when you’re running from someone in the wildy…

Thats what energy potions in members are for…

:stuck_out_tongue: I totally forgot about the energy potions that members could make… Yeah… But maybe there could be one for us wee non-members… Though now I know that there’s an energy potion for members, I would think that for it to be fair, the energy drinks will probably be more fair if they healed less energy or costed more than 10 gp per drink or something… Since then members would get upset about that…

Super energy pots which I can make in 1 lvl heal 20 energy a dose. 4 doses a vial means 80 more energy for wildy killing and or running.