Enough of the "f2p aren't getting enough" rubbish!

Listen guys heres my views on this matter.
Members get the stuff because they PAY for it.
F2P don’t get the stuff because we DON’T pay for it.
Is that clear enough for all of you f2p?
Also even though I’m f2p and lots of people who are f2p are good people and aren’t whiners like that, I think they shoud make runescape a P2P game only.
All these F2P people whine, and do nothing but whine. They get stuff for free, and still complain. I think Jagex should show them a lesson by making runescape a p2p game, that will make them all Shut-up and stop whining!

That would help, because all those millions of unactivated accounts people make and forget about would be deleted. I agree, members get better stuff cos they pay for it, free players are either kids or cheapskates who are too lazy to pay the 5 bucks ($12 in australia sadly) its simple and its a fact of life, IF YOU WANT MORE OF SOMETHING YOU HAVE TO PAY FOR IT!

All i have to say on the matter 8)

I’m f2p and would just like to say not that many f2p’ers have been complaining. I, for one, am perfectly happy with what f2p already have. I’m sure most players realise the situation with members and Jagex’s income. I think there is little use venting your anger. There will always be some free players complaining and there will always be members annoyed with free players.

I have, on many occasions, been jealous of members but I do realise it’s my own fault by not joinining and paying. Hopefully, in the near future, I will become a member and shouldn’y have to complain.

:? Jagex needs the f2p accounts, its like some kind of cheap version of the p2p, so that everybody who likes f2p would become p2p… So if jagex would delete f2p, ultimatly they would lose money…And im grateful of f2p! its so great!! I do agree that i would like to have some more info about how to pay in Europe? Peeps do have different credit cards there lol… But im perfectly happy with the f2p the way it is! its like an entire online game for free :stuck_out_tongue:

I agree Aluclock. Without f2p where would they generate income from ads? If they make f2p better, more new people will like it and become a member. Expanding f2p is a great opportunity for more memberships and more money.

Us P2P people keep the free servers running. Think about that.

there is a lot of f2p whining… grow up whiners!!!

Even though im f2p, i’ve been trainin my combat so wen i get to member i can kick some serious behind

well we dont go to momy and daddy askign money kids…
I meen ill just wait for rs3.
Its funny f2p think theyr so good…even tho iv owned em several times :lol:
F2p its also for ppl who have no lives and to much tim eon theyr hands…i meen its a game anyway…you shoudnt have to pay. I meen i play socom onlien dont got to play for that…jagex is just beign little gre-…u F@*!&^ it…u pl dont listen

lol vaxhox if u think all p2p are spoiled brats who beg their parents, u seriously are messed up, and if u think u could own me, yes i’m a member, i’d be happy to duel you, my rs name is eaglesfan21

iam a f2p and i dont wine cuz iam happy
and iam totaly agreed with arcdemons1

  • ill be a p2p tommorow

would u guys shut up about this? jesus thats all i hear “f2p are complaining boo hoo im really mad waawaawaa.”

arcdemons1, stop trying to act like the p2p “savior” by saying f2p sucks and they’re all whiners. Do you see me whining for more f2p stuff? Not everybody does, so I’d watch your mouth before you start talking like we’re all stupid. Locked.