Ent att!

all teh tree became an ent :/[/img]

never have seen that before lol that is great

Lol. Seen it lots of Times. And Learn to crop! :twisted: :evil: :twisted:

lol thats funny

is that just a copy and paste job? lol, if not then thats wierd.

Awsome lol,There gathering an army.

i’ve never seen that many ents together before… cool.

Did you make it yourself or is it a real screenshot?

no, its real. we were just cutting willows and they all became an ent…

thats great pic dude!!!

Thats a funny coincidence I’ve never seen that happen!

There trying to ambush you!!! 8O

LOl sweet!
It happened to me once, but i didn’t get a chance to take a picture… :frowning:

lol thats great…i never seen that happen before

3 ents man that is wick i neva had that be4

lol 3 at 1 time

How did u get all your dragon stuff that is awsome i wish i had it :smiley: