Okay… I dont know if many of you know who Erika is, but she was a girl I really liked during 8th grade… and even now I still like her. For a while, she was sorta out of my view, and I didnt really think of her all that much because I started to like somebody else. Two days ago I talked to my friend Elsie and she made me tell her about Erika, and it got me thinking. Today… I am going to visit her, because I havent for about 2 years.

and were supposed to know the people at your school?

I might read it? Moves a step back


Anyway, good luck!


Some people know each other ^^

I wish you luck. Is the person you don’t want to get the wrong idea, your girlfriend?

No, she is not my girlfriend, but she knows who she is. And you people might not know who the people are at my school, but she doesnt go to my school so… ya lol. AND, some people do know about Erika.

^^ I hope you the best of luck…

Now wish me luck with lauryn :wink:

Good luck with her. :spin: Hope you get a lasting relationship.

OMG… My mom wont take me to her house. Shes busy with party stuff… PARTY STUFF… OVER HER OWN SON… That is the most ****ed up thing in the WORLD… She cares more about a party then me… Dude, that makes me hella mad…

Oh and good luck with Lauryn

walk there if you like her

I do believe I know who it is.

Is it someone the rest of us would know but not know who it is?

Lol, why do you get so mad at ME, when you make a thread like this, CLEARLY leaving me out of this list of people? And I just sit there and say ok, and support it and agree, and you get all pissed…

Well, so far that’s the first thing you’ve said on this thread, so we can’t really get pissed at you.

I don’t know. People are fickle sometimes. You’re still on my list.*

Nolty: So? Anyone we might know?

*What “list” would this be? I’m a little lost.

Sela, Go to sleep, you have alot to do tomorrow, it being 4:20.

Nah… U know what, **** this, **** ALL OF THIS… I dont want to be a ****ing part of this shit any more… Everybody just leave me alone, I dont want to talk to anyone, I dont want to hear it, if you try to cheer me up, you WILL be blocked PERMANENTLY.

It’s not 4:20. -.- It’s 10:07… thank you VERY much.

That clearly went over your head.

I know what he meant… -.- ffs.

I’m a pothead. I know what 4:20 is/stands for/ calls for, etc.

So you’re drunk and you just admitted you were a pothed.

I learn more about you with every passing da- no, second. Every passing second.

… I’ve been smoking pot for 2 years Andrew. Surprised you didn’t know that. :expressionless:

this just goes to show not all potheads are ‘stupid.’