Essay and poem on love.

Rate both the essay and poem out of ten, critism is always appreciated.
The Essay
Love. One word that can cause so many emotions. Emotions such as happiness, pain, peace, others. But what does love really mean? I searched inside myself and through different peoms that described the author’s perceptions and feelings on love to understand the true meaning, the true purpose of love.
We have all been in love, or at least thought we have. But, is it simply and emotion, nothing more? Love demonstrates two feelings that are nearly uncompareable. The first, which is found when you first find true love, is happiness. This great feeling of acceptance, and longing for on another creates a great power that surrounds you, making you nearly invincible. Nothing can bring you down from this “high”, but soon enough another feeling comes into play, the second, the feeling of loneliness caused by lost love. Thoughts begin to overwelm you. You think to yourself, what did I do, am I not good enough, why not? These thoughts that cause insecurity, depression, followed by a state of extreme loneliness. What power love has, it must be more than an emotion to such control over you life.
Love defeats all things, even death. It can change a person in many ways, for instance, a person with severe drug addictions may be able to easily through these problems aside for love. Or maybe just the opposite, a person may start doing drugs if thier love encouraged said person to do so. Love can change people, for better of for worse, it controls all things, wielding unmatched power.
I searched deep inside myself to find a way to describe Love, and learned it to be more than just an emotion. With it’s incredible power, it controls descisions, and lives. After my study, I found that love can mean many things to different people, all I can tell you is My Comprehension of love. Love is standing behind someone in thier darkest hour, its dying for the person you care for. Love is eternal bliss, and internal pain. It is acceptance, it is being all alone. Love is everything you can and cannot see. To find love, you must look in a mirror and deep inside yourself you will see what love holds for you. Deep underneath the skin, a defintion of love lies. Deep inside us all.

The Poem[/u]


Love is bliss, undesribable, evernescant
Grasping it is harder then catching the wind, though you feel it.
You always feel it, flowing through your entire body, surrounding your soul.
But like the wind, love flows away from you always.
I see it in her eyes, but does she, can she?
Hope she sees it, hope she feels it
Hope that I can feel it.
After she has broken my heart into pieces, Can I ever feel that sweet taste of love again?

My mind fogs with an overwelming nostalgia for the past.
Of holding her in my arms, of the taste of her lips
The feeling of acceptance,

My life is a broken mirror, pieces of my shattered heart lie on the cold stone floor.
I stare at that mirror, longing for the past, it hauntingly laughs as it catches my fallen tears.

Now I am truly forgotten,

Well, I was hoping for a happy ending to that poem but still nicely written anyways… Good job on both the essay and the poem… 9/10…

wow… thats all i can really say… wow you are good at writing. The poem touched me in a very… um… special way. the essay was amazingly written very good work definite 10/10 poem and 10/10 essay. I know you said you wanted criticism but i cant find anything to critisize you about. P.S. i beat you in um… bigness of message gemini

I am always hoping for a happy ending.

Anyone else have comments or critique?

DUDE… That is sad… not in the bad way. as in the brought a 14 yr old who broke his arm to cry. sounds like my life. Pardon me while i make an act not to destroy any living human being… (I work like this… Sad-anger-rage. To much rage makes an explosion… I exploded last tie my girl friend broke up with me 4 months ago…) Wake me up in a few minutes.
one is the loneliest number that you’ll ever do…

Well, thankyou… I try to keep it real.

Well done. 7/10

Not being mean or rude, but what didn’t you like about it? Just want to see what my peers think of my writing. Positive critism is a writers best friend. Thanks for rating, later,

I love the poem, It was really well done…I think that your have a good grasp on what love really is…

wow. that was really good both the essay and the poem. the ending of the poem was a little depressing though. i prefer happy endings most of the time.
Essay:9/10 (essays tend to give me headaches, which is why i give up about half way through an essay.)
Poem:10/10 (it was a very good poem, even with the deppresing ending)

Well, I am glad you made it nearly all the way through. Thanks.

it kinda sums my thoughts up somtimes an i bet if i chated to you purplexed we wud find were very alike you can just write your feelings better

~the poet(tryin to find a good one)