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It was a sunny day in the melker village on the outskirts of the selka river, all the villagers were doing their daily routines, going about their daily business. But today would not be like any other day, today would be different, today would be the start of the 2nd age, the age of the undead, the age that would change the world of etopia for ever.

Chapter 1

      On the outskirts of melker village Ilian Surnel was sitting with his friends, Alel Selek, Mia neon and Ales Melok, they were fishing like they did most days, like most days they had caught only a few small fish. Enough that their families could eat happily that night.

      “aww come on you stupid fish, take the stupid bit, Tch, you’d think they would like Ilkya grubs. Most animals do. Stupid fish” whispered Ilian.

      “yeah well, we have enough fish for today.” replied Mia, “lets see what we got.” she said as she walked over to the net, “hmm decent enough, four Mika fish, so we can have one of those each, hmm, well there are some Melka fish as well there’s enough here for 3 each we can throw one back to make it even. Well that’s enough fish for tonight at least the rest are just tine Elkons, we’ll throw those back.” she tossed the tiny fish back into the river. “well lets go then shall…” she halted halfway through her sentence. “what the hell is that?” she asked pointing across the river.

      Ilian, Alel and Ales turned to look at what she was pointing towards.

      “what the…” said Alel “is that a man?”

      “I don’t know” replied Ales “it looks like one. But… he doesn’t look quite… umm… whole.” he stuttered.

      “Oy” Ilian shouted to the man “who are you”

      “I” the man shouted back “am a stranger to these lands, I have travelled far in search of a place to stay. Is there anywhere in this village a tired old man can rest for a night.”

      “yes” Mia shouted back “there’s a bridge down river. Go across it and you’ll see an inn, there’s always a room there, if you have enough money in your pocket.”

      “thank you kind child” the stranger replied “and don’t worry, moneys no problem.

      The stranger walked on down river towards the bridge. “come on,” said Mia, “its getting dark. We should get home.” the four friends walked home. But, unbeknown to them, they were being watched. Watched by a force no one had seen for many millennia, a force forgotten to the world. A force that has the power to change the world, either for good, or for evil. This force had been trapped below the forest for eons, trapped because he tried to help, trapped where he had tried to save everyone. no longer trapped, he swore revenge. Revenge on a world whom he had saved. Revenge would soon be his.