europe vs the world

heres some pics i also added the video to the collection in my sticky

video is right here too

just scroll down and click on free and wait till u get ur download tickets

Whoa, those pics rock, I am gonna watch the film now!

how do u start wars?

Lol, go up to a clan and call them noobs!

no, i mean with that many people!!!

Lol, people start it by saying let’s have a war and ask their freinds to ask others to be in the world war!

Ahh nice pics dont wanna download the video too lazy lol :slight_smile:

But still must be good hard to tell whos who :smiley:

go world…europe is too cocky by taking on the whole world

lets start a usa vs iraq war… hoo likes the idea?

europe won

lol…there are only like 4 kids in iraq who play rs…wouldnt be much of a fight…lol

how the hell… well thats because the only 2 countries that really play rs are aussie, usa…and then theres europe…dun dun dun\

and sorry for the double post …

we"ll force people on their team!!!

Dang, theirs a lot of world wars, like the usa versus world, and now europe versus world…whats next, aussie versus world? lmao

that is a good idea… im for aussi cause i feel like it!!

u should really read the post

wow nice war. good pic to

are u sure ithink u forgot canada the best country in the world o.0

Like I said in the sticky, lmao I see blink saying “kt fhag” twice! =)
That’s a good video, hope you find more soon blink!

lmfao some guy \has his cat with him