Ever see so many 7's?

lol looked at xp and I had all these 7’s.

lol thats a nice number there. 7 happens to be my favorite number.

Wow, now that is 1337. Nice job and keep up fletching 0.0

Rofl, what are the chances of you looking right when you got all those 7’s?

Sevens[7] considered a lucky number. My fav numbers 14 which is 7 twice…Sometimes its just rare to see…


200k more, go Jeff! LOL

lol thats kinda funny…

Actually 5,256,654 more xp to go (That much needed for 99). Get your numbers right gez =P

Did you get all the material yet? anyway, it’s unthinkable for me to get 99 fletch =p

Naw I only have like 8k yew logs and 15k or 16k strings…

lol its weird it can happen like that,and nice flech lvl :D…

You maybe came to see it at a weird time.

lol… 1 time my freind was close… like 777,776
lol he was fo f*** mad he blew up lol\

jking nice dude

Seven 7’s, that’s creepy

thats alot of 7s

thats alot of 7’s!!! who could of thought that u had all 7’s in ur exp

Yeah there are 7, sevens in a Row, try to get 8, eight’s in a row.

Yeah I’ll give that a shot, need about 1M more xp though…

nice fletchin lol 7’s rock!

Wow - Is that a fake or a real?