Everyone in my School hates runescape.

Yeah i know, another negative complaint.Everyone in my school HATES Rs. Theirs only like 6 ppl who i know play, and like 3 of them have just quit. The thing is, if someone knows that you play runescape, they call you gay, dork,ect. Even my brother makes fun of me for playing it.He calls is GayScape. Im so sick of this happening and people calling me gay just for playing a game. People critisize you for things you PLAY now. To me, thats sad. My mom tells me to ignore it, but its not so easy to ignore things these days. It’s driving me to the point where i think im going to quit Runescape, and all the Rs fansites. In fact, i might just shutdown my computer forever. My family complains that im on the comp to much. I think i am sometimes, but all my friends around my neighborhood are jerks. Maby in the next month or so, dont expect to see much of me. this maby will be my last visit to Rs, and all the fansites.

congratz…ownt them then

ya same theres only a few ppl in my school that play rs, but im in highschool and i can see y highschool students dont like a game like that, i stopped playing a while ago cause it got really boring for me

Thats their problem haha…

Yeah, but if its their prob they take it out on anyone who plays it. Theyre just woosies who cant hold it in.

punch them in the nose and break it they will stop :slight_smile: (did it to my friend for talking crp about me)

Just don’t tell them you play rs…? That’s what I do, tell them you play something else and they’ll get off your case, usually. The only thing that I can tell you is to not advertise that you play rs, just don’t talk about it. =/

Or maybe just because they got scammed and hacked in rs haha.

Kill them.

Why do you care what other people think?

hehe gayscape…

any way i can see y you would be calld a dork,geek, nerd and anything…its like dungens and dragons…GEEKY game…i basicly play rs as a chat room…i dont care about the dragons, swords, blah blah blah…its just fun to talk to ppl…:madhatter

Lol, same here…My friends all say Runescape is gay and for dorks, nerds, etc…but usually it’s just joking (even though they really mean it =)…Still, just ignore it…It’s just a computer game after all

oh yeah? everyone in my school is a N00B to runescape.

If you really want to fit in, quit runescape and althose fan sites, or you can just be your self and show them why playing runescape isn’t gay. Not all people that play runescape are gay.

Lol, my school is the excact opposite. I’ll turn down the hall and hear, “I got 66 woodcutting!” Lol, once this kid said he got 126 wood cutting because he had the “special version” of RS. Then I ask him what his flying level is. He’s like, only 10. :slight_smile:

odd. all the popular people play it at my school.

u guyz must be in like grade school or something…once u hit highschool things will change…

Here is an original Handmedown comeback… not having a go at the game or anything :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, I’m like the only kid in my grade that still plays. I play at home only now, though, otherwise I get people saying stuff like, “You still play that game?! Go get some friends!” I’d just go on RS and RSR at home so kids at school won’t have a clue you’re on RS or RSR. Anyway, it’s their problem, not yours, so don’t worry.

Well everyone at my school hates me… I get through the school day all right (tear gas is the secret)…