Exsploading Runes P3

Exsploading runes P3 - The never ending story of runescape collection
Written by Lukejames / Bronzeaxe3… to be continued

My Normal forum account is Lukejames… due 2 bein banned:D

Duke mage Keeps On laughing*

“This is so foolish!” - Sturdle

“Well then have you seen this coming?” - Duke mage

Duke mage shoots into the air and raisers his hands*

suddenly the duke mage grows a bolder with falmes swriling about above his head*

“Mu hahahaha you will die now sturdle stim!” - Duke mage

The duke mage throws the enormaus ball of flames towards sturdle*

“Oh No, heavens forbid” - sturdle stim

Sturdle drops his bow and arrow as if it was a mare butter Knife*

Sturdle draws, his rust old blade up towards the Flames and suddenly the flames backfire straight back at the duke mage*

*Mage struggles to get away, but is crushed

“Now you see true power is in the heart and not the weapons!” - Sturdle

*Sturdle stim, runs away. Deeper into the wilderness.

That day in MagingTon, the news breaks out like someone was selling hot cakes.

Everywhere from almost everywhere were turning up crying!

“Oh dear, our beloved Duke mage is dead” - Villager

“Im unhappy about this terrible tradagey” - Seed women

“We must find out who did this to our sweet mage” - Joker

“There is not much we can do.” - Villager

“Your right!” - Joker

“Move, out of our way” - Spys of Draynor manager

“Who are you guys! Why are you wearing black cloaks! Your not loyal here” - Seed women

“There Spys!” - Villager

"No we are not, we are preists sent from Andourge to rescue the duke!’ - Spysof draynor manager

*Manager gets a greedy smile

“But hes dead, the jukes dead!” - Villager

Returning back DEEP into the wilderness…

“I must find the mage agility arena, times tunning out!” - Sturdle stim

To be continued…

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