Extremely Cheap Sig Shop!

I just opened my new signature shop today! Click the middle signature pic in my signature and comeplete and order for and PM to me. These are hot deals!

i’m not here to order, but i must say this looks like an awesome shop. very well organized! only thing that you should add is some examples! nobody will buy without examples! i am very impressed :slight_smile:

Thanks! Yea I gotta make some backgrounds and upload them onto the site. That will be coming. Thanks man your the only one who replies would you like a free sig?

no thanks, but thanks for the offer :slight_smile:

How bout it as a gift?

sure i guess :slight_smile:

K, I got an idea brewing in the cauldron head of mine.

like what can u do, i liek my snow man but u cant see any of the words

I can make signatures. See the Matrix picture in my signature? That’s a signature I make them for a little fee.

can u make me 1 but with animation

What kind of animation?

umm can u make the number go down and back up and stuff like in the movie

What movie?

the matrix lol :stuck_out_tongue:

ty yes the matrix

I probably could but that would take a long time to make and it would cost 100k :stuck_out_tongue:

PS Munybags your sig is too big and you will get a temp ban.

no he wont, hell just get it deleted… :confused:
anyway what program do you use? your sigs are ok but they just look like you copied a backround then put a render and copied text and put it in…paint im gessing?

ROFL. NO. I use photoshop 7.0 and I made the Matrix sig and I downloading the text from www.dafont.com. Everything in my sig is made with Photoshop 7.0

how is my sig to big its under the limit

Your sig is 2x longer that its allowed to be…