f2p and trimmed armour...

Im an f2p, and i was wondering what the deal was with trimmed armour, i dont know n e of the prices, so could someone please help me out here, i was wondering about:
Addy (t)
Addy (g)
Rune (t)
Rune (g)
If there is any other info i should know about please post here.

… and what are hallys???.. im a noob at heart :wink:

Here are the prices I go by.
Addy (t) 270k
Addy (g) 520k
rune (t) 1 mill
rune (g) 1.8 mill
Guthix 2.5 mill
Zamorak: 3 mill?
Saradomin: 6 mill?
not sure about Saradomin and Zamorak

Tihs should help. 8)

thanks, id never seen that, im adding the link to my favourites, is that one that is accurate, sometimes prices on the streets are massiverly difeerent to those on rsr, and u just get laughed at…

Alot of the times, they luagh at you becuase they want to make you raise the price and they make you feel like a noob till you bid higher. 8O

well thats no fun

No way, Saradomin is 3 mill, and Zamorak is 5-6 mill.

well, those prices seem right, and a hally is like a long axe thing, its a pole with an axe head check here… and ur a newb not a noob lol
go to runescape.com, then click on manual, combat, thrn weapon types, its really called a halberd, good luck

No way, Saradomin is 3 mill, and Zamorak is 5-6 mill.[/quote]

im pretty sure theyre both around 5 mil