F2P lvl 68 combat lvl 800 total ::: looking for a clan =)

Any takers? See my siggy for stats. It is a little out of date, my lvl total is 800 now.

Pretty decent all around.

Join the Apocalyptic mages. Our website is www.freewebs.com/lilmageclan
You definitely fit the reqs and we hope you join to be a member of our clan. Pm me or talk to me in rs for details.
P.S. Our forums will be ready soon.

Hey Chcosdude,

You look like you would be perfect for Masters of Dragons – MoD. We are fairly new but we are already growing rapidly with over 100 members. We have been open to the public for about two months now. Our clan combat average is mid 80s but our main requirement is only 70+ combat, so you’d have to train up a tiny bit. We PK 3 times a week along with tons of other regular events. Anyway, I won’t spam your thread with a big description or tons of screenshots, rather I just suggest checking out our thread we have running in this section and our clan site, or you can contact me in RS, my RSN is Burta:


I’d just also like to briefly say that this clan is run and supported by the owner of RS Boards (http://www.rsboards.com/) and Runescape 100 (http://www.runescape100.com) so you can expect this clan to grow quickly and to be a true force in the game.