F2p Pk trip, hosted by RF

Time for some f2p pking.
Where:world 97, edge bank, Blue cape.
When:Tomarrow at 2pm EST and 7pm GMT
This pk trip will NOT be only rsr, a new clan Rebel force, will be hosting this trip and rsr is welcome to come. If you would like to join RF you are welcome to apply @
No Fleeing when we get attacked.
No Flameing. At all.
If we are in multi, help, no noobs “I don’t want to skull pls ill help on the next guy”
If you helped, you get a share of the kill, if you diden’t then back out.

Thanks, we hope to see you there.

-Chaos tayoko - Leader - 84
-XMageworrier - 102
-Goblue23 - 77
-qtip6688 - 77
-ranger moch5 - 89
-Bananamatic - 80
-Laxer78 - 91
-manifested08 - 80
-Coolcicada - 87
-Ultrapro777 - 81


I might make that one actually!!! add me and if i get on remind me tomorrow…

RS Name: GoBlue23
CB: 77

Yes, like Jack said, PLEASE check out our clan at


I MIGHT be able to come. Depends on how I decide to cram this into my schedule
cmb lev-77;)

yes… maybe

ranger moch5- cb 89

maybe de pked will come i dunno yet

It doesn’t look like a pure pk trip… If more pures go than I’ll go on my pure.

No its not a pure PK, its for anyone, its meant to share events with the public and mainly to encourage you all to join!


but the pking trips we host will be for anyone!

hook me up on dat list dog cause im comin. (lol no im not a wigger)

I’ll be there until 3:30 - then I got clan fire stike war… Sero_o_wned level 67.

oh ya sorry jack

Pked In Iraq - 52

Ill try to make it, no promisses :cheeky:

manifested08–cb 80

irish rsr (pure) 60combat


i’ll come too!!! RSN:Bananamatic,combat 80,melee

obviusly im coming.
Laxer78:91 combat

i can come
rsn kaspy13
combat 74

MIght be able to make it…


I think I can make it. Not sure, Hodge pker-66 combat OR Conordevaney-94 combat.

the 94, :slight_smile:

Go to

www.rsrebelforce.com --------FTW

Ok i think i can deffinatly come now but i do not have a blue cape. haha.