Fable for Xbox

Anyone play it great game I beat it in 2 days lol but after you beat it you can still play and kill stuff and get money and all that its real fun anyone ever play it?

i beat it in 11 hours with my 2 friends

Did you kill the girl and get the good sword?

that game is pretty awesome…but it gets kinda boring after you kill his sister to get the sword…i love breakin windows and doors in that game…funny how you can kick people’s heads around too…

55 minutes = too easy. the game was not worth the 30 pounds i payed

it was so easy, didnt get hit beacuse the block, blocks everything

an its a good game just too short

If you beat it in 55 minutes your amazeing thats near impossible.

it rules but its too easy.
but dats cause im an expert on console games.

The only reason it took me more then a day is because i had to get all my melle stats the 100% so i could pull the sword out of the stone 3rd best weapon in the game i think…

The movies alone are 55mminutes all together if u are a expert console gamer or not.

obvisly, the game couter does count cut scences

I know but it would be pretty much impossible to beat it in 1 hour anyone who has played it can tell you that

Fable is a great game, i have beat it as well.

tater, beacuse you couldnt do it, doesnt mean i couldnt do it. ive beat other games in under an hour. golden eye rogue agent for one theres others but i havnt played games in awhile oh yeah spider man one 46:26 il always remember that one

Post a photo of the play time and proof or I wont beleive u =P unless u ran through it not fighting anything.

Yeah thats kinda how i did it, as i saidi havnt played them in awhile an i dont have a digital camera(i dont exactly come from the richest family :p) but if you dont want to belive me i dont care anyway happy gaming to ya

I beat 3 times in a few days.
I love Fable! :cool:
I beat it with a warrior, then a mage, then a ranger.

it is possible to complete it in a 1 hour counting the scenes if ur a nerd or just a big fat liar

Im not a nerd nerds are lab rats, im a geek, an very proud of it, i spend all my time in doors playing computer games an testing my self for goals an stuff

And I still bet 50k runescape money you didnt beat it 1hour.

tater there is no need for an arguement, plus i dont play rs