Fallador Cafe Opening

Me and my friends are hosting a cafe, It is held world 3 upstairs in the fally pub. It will open around december 28 or later. There will be all kinds of food.


Lobster: 100gp
Cakes: 100gp
Chocolate Cakes: 250gp
Meat Pizzas: 250 gp
Normal Pizzas: 50 gp
Redberry Pie: 20 gp
Meat Pie: 35 gp
Apple Pie 50 gp
Bananas: 1 gp
Sliced Bananas: 2 gp
Anchovie Pizzas: 275 gp
Stew: 25 gp
Wine(excluding wine of zamorak): 3 gp

I will put more fish in this cafe too

cool i might go

ya that does sound cool

remind me when it actually opens

can we sell u stuff that u got on the menu because i have a load of red berry pie in the bank!!!:smiley: :smiley:

my cooking is 36 and i will help for 10% :smiley: my name on runescape is goku4513

U should get someone that can get swordies to. My cooking lvl is 46. If i need help i will. My name in rs is ardmoose. I will be on about 12:30.

hey that sounds sick im goin there right now! :lol: :smiley:

My cooking and fishing both are 56 but I can’t work on partenership. I can provide lobbies/swordies on a discount though. My character’s name is cursingmonk. Msg me sometime if you’re interested.

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: thats a great idea guys :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

can sell my food to you or help you. My cooking is lvl 40

I always making apple pies or lobsters sometimes other food.

I had that idea first too but not all my friends has a good cooking lvl

that pathetic me and my friends open a shop and no one wants to buy anything, we asked if or prices are too dear and that we could fix it and no one replies… PaThEtIc!!!

fine if you think it is pathetic maybe i won’t open the store after all :x

My cooking is 51 and my fishing is 50 I could sure help on ur cafe.

My account on Runescape is Emonpk

no the shop isn’t pathetic it is awsome…now that i come to think of t we can join shops

how does that sound?
add conquest_war

my cooking is lvl 59 and i will be very happy in selling swordies that i can catch because i am lvl 61 fishing. my runescape name is p1240 call me if u guys need help :smiley:

my cooking is 46 and i can also fish swordies


I’ll take all the lobs(if you don’t want that kind of order, i’ll split it up in to 1k).

And how mach hits do readberry pies heal?

a redberrie heals 6hp

How much are u going to sell swordies for