Fallen Angels

There is currently a website in the works. I’m still working on a hosting agreement with my friend.

This clan is a pick-up of a perviously attempted clan. The clan will not host regular official meetings on RS, but we will find some way, possibly online chat, to organize meetings online. The site will have a forum.

There is a level 50 combat requirement, and the clan is mainly interested mercenaries and freelance pk-ers who would be willing to settle into more permanent employment. The clan’s mission is to achieve wealth and power through the serving of personal interests and focus on the individual.

As of yet there is no heirarchy. Yet.

Members and non-members are both welcome.

Is Duke Titan, a level 54 member, welcome? :wink:


This may take a little longer, as my character is back to square 1. While I was typing this I was fishing, and went back to the other window in time to see myself get tanked by a river troll.

Oops :frowning: Want any help with it?