Farming seeds and complete tools!

Quite a few ppl are wondering if the watering can is just a joke someone made. but trust me it isnt… its just extremely rare drop!

here is proof for ppl who have not seen what it looks like and hope u get one soon too, as it took me 5 hrs to get mine!..

so can u plant them or something??

Lol, cool, can’t wait till farming comes out!
Even though it’s only for p2p! =(

you cant plant them yet, it just says on runescape to collect seeds ready for july.

Nice. Yup, can;t wait for farming skill and carpentry skill.

Nice work on all those seeds and tools.

Nice job on getting those… Also may I ask what thieving do you need to steal seeds, and/or how much do they cost?

yeah man skills are gonna rock

i got 2k seeds for 100k : ))

Nice, If U Wanna Sell Too Sill Buy But Nice

None of the farming tools are rare drops, don’t know where you got that from.

Man…I hope Carpenty is f2p…I’ll go for lvl 99 carpentry lol :smiley: