What are your thoughts on the new skill? How do you think it will work? And how in gods name do you think there going to get enough room for every player to make a farm? lol

though I’m not a member myself I think it will be cool for those who are. I doubt that every player get their own farm, but I think that they will have to help on other’s farms (cp farms) and you will have to do sort of quests… well well that is what I think=)

i think it is a good thing

I think it’s cool. It looks like you can grow herbs too, although I don’t see the use of growing a potatoe…

~:darkside:~ Michaelks

Its probably one of the earlier plants since its really common. Its like cooking shrimp is useless but sea turtles are amazing.

i think its gonna be cool, i have about 70 seeds atm, still stealing though

Man why do all the new updates have to be members! Why can’t they make someting new for us f2pers?

well members can get the seeds now but its for both p2p and f2p. it just that they r releasing some of it to members

so what ur saying is that farming will be a p2p and an f2p skill? correct me if im wrong

Yeah that’s what he’s saying pretty much… Wow all of the possibilities… Growing your own herbs… Woohoo lol can’t wait! :stuck_out_tongue: Also I acutally thought the next new skill would be soemthing like carpentry, not farming lol.


I guess carpentry isn’t likely to happen now…since there is no space left on the stats.

~:darkside:~ Michaelks

Right… But one day… In many years, they might have a scroll-down list for skills like they do for magic attacks haha jk… But hey you never know…


Ok so farming is a F2P skill too but why cant i see the guy that sells seeds?

I think it will be pretty cool although we cant plant odd stuff like watermelon and limpwurt and strawberries and what not which means cooking will be updated probably and herbs that will help my herb

You’ve got a point there, How would they get enough land for everyone? Hmm, I’ll suppose they’ll have to work that out somehow, Yeah, It’ll be a great skill… I can’t wait.

:wizard: ~Salmoneus~

well jagex said they r going to release it in july

I think they will make an open field and you can plant and only see your own plants. And they said carpentry wil be released later.

I have all 30 seed types and I will soon have over 100 onion seed, i already have 110 potato seed lol
i have maily over 10 seeds of each except poison ivy seed,watermelon seed, strayberry seed and some other seed i cannot remember lol

farming= members only
jagex announced that they wouldnt make any more major f2p updates about a year ago.