fastest way to level up these skills

i want to do legends, but i want all the skill requirments before i do the quests needed to even start legends. i have done heros and waterfall, i need family crest, shilo village and underground pass.

i hav:
57 mining
49 smithing
27 herblaw
26 theiving
21 agility
47 magic
70 attack
65 strength
60 defence
67 hits
46 prayer
40 wc

whats the fastest way to level up my skills to what i need for legends?
ill use pots and stuff like that, so doesnt really have to be exact.

up ur agility go to tree gnome stronghold and train there until u have 40 aility and then go to agility arena and get as many tickets as u can get and spend it all on agility xp and steal off of silk stalls to up ur thieving and while ur stealing off the silk stall, train ur magic on the guards and knights and also cut as many willows as u can

if u have a lot of money buy ores/bars to smith if u have over about 200k then buy iron 50 each and coal 150 each, smelt then sell for at least 450 each, this gives you profit and lots of people want to sell to u and buy from you so u get materials quickly

ty, im not really looking for a way to make cash, but thanx neway :lol: