Fastest Xp

What log, willow or yew, gives the best xp? fastest lvl ups.


probably oaks best area: west varrock entrance

I was talking the higher lvls…65-70 (my goal for now). Is it still the case?

The yew logs are actually worth the extra time, but at your level, draynor willows are fastest.

Okay…im at draynor so thats good. thats what i thought

make willow longs (u) :smiley:

Im not a member yet…

I wouldn’t suggest cutting yews until level 70. Until then, you could probably get faster experience at the draynor willows. Deposit the logs you can get because it’s faster then dropping them one by one, and you can make some money off it while you’re at it. level 60 wc to cut yews will drive you crazy.

Okay. i will start yews at 70 then. i was gonna do 65 but…Ill stick with your advice. Thanks infil :smiley:

You could try 65. I think 65 would be better so you don’t kill yourself with anticipation. =D It’s gonna be slow, even with 80/81 woodcutting (I forget which one I have), getting a full inventory is pretty boring.

Nah…Ill go for 70 lol. But dont wanna die:shocked:. Yah…even if its boring thats what RSR and IRC is for :smiley:

Just be careful about reading forums, make sure you don’t lose your axe head. That’s happened to me plent of times… >.> Best of luck!

willows give quickest xp but yews give best money

Yews are faster and give more xp

Lol yes…I to have lost many heads/axes/pickaxes to reading forums :eek: But Im getting better at paying attention :innocent: lol. Thanks for the luck :wink: