fave megaman character

mine r protoman and bass and from the X/zero series i like zero

Uhh… I exactly didn’t mean create a new one… The mods can acutally have your original post moved from one forum to another picking the forum that they think is the most relavent to the post itself… But oh well… I’m not sure if this is against the rules though… BTW, again… It should be obvious on who my fav robot master is… Enkerman is another fav and Roll (Check on the original post to see why and if you’re too lazy No offense cause I’m lazy too then it’s cause of MvC… She sucks but shes fun to play with…)

Edit: Hehe… New avatar pic… Oh I went on a site that had most of the profiles of each character so far made by Capcom in Megaman and thought it was pretty funny that Topman doesn’t like people who can’t dance… LOL just found that pretty funny…