Favorite bands

Whats your favorite band?
I’ve always kinda wanted to know what some mods listen to.

:pirate: Arimosa

I like The Beatles a lot…let’s see, I also like Jimi Hendrix, Zeppelin is good, The Who, Coldplay, Three Days Grace, Linkin Park, and AC/DC…probably more but those are all the ones I can think of right now…

yea. The who are good and zepplin is ok, but the beatle pwn.

ACDC! Metallica! Dio! Van Halen! Twisted Sister!

Lol. acdc? little to hard rock for my head. makes me brain hurt.

:pirate: Arimosa

(off-topic- Redwraith, wheres your :bullwhip:? did it run away?)

ACDC OWNZ! And my little message thing drove off to the south…

Dream Theater!!!

I don’t wanna name all the bands, too many.

Right now im listening to ::

Foo Fighters…
Simple Plan…


Led Zepplin! AcDc, Jimmy Hendrix, Aerosmith, Linkin Park. Theres ALOT more, but that’s just a few of them.

Judas Preist Disturbed, Black Sabbath! Ozzy!

I dont listen to heavy metal…

I listen to:
Foo Fighters
My Chemical Romance
Relient K
The Used
Blink 182
BoxCar Racer
New Found Glory

But i tend to listen to rap more than rock.

Metallica, zepplin, GNR, nirvana.

I listen to

Under Oath is good
Relient k Is good
Emery has some good songs…

Yeah, you guys have probably never heard of these bands, lol. I probably forgot some.

chaosnoob, you sound alot like me, all those are great bands
:pirate: Arimosa

Uummm zepplin, acdc, linken park, jimi hendrix, the who, the white stripes, the beatles, black sabbath, blink 182, guns n roses, foo fighters, afi, crossfade, red hot chili peppers, aerosmith, system of a down, van halen, pink floyd, audioslalve, dio, gorrilaz, jet, queen of stone, papa roach, mudvayne, korn, sex pistols, nirvana, hoobastank, queen, and green day. thats all i can think of now : )

lol ty, the only rock i really like is like…umm…not really punk but…like the genre the bands i named fall into :slight_smile:

ah ha!.. i understand. Chaos, come to world forty eight castlewars… i’m really bored and i wanna party with a friend.

sry dude, im not gonna get on RuneScape. i dont get on much anymore. i might get on later if i get really bored or somthin. besides my stupid SwiftSwitch isnt workin right so imaa have to restart my cpu before long. ill PM u if i go later on tonight :slight_smile:

Oh and System of a down is good!

ok… i’llbe on for awhile.