Favorite God

Everyone what is your favorite runescape god? Zammy, Guthix, or Sara.

you should of made a poll but any ways my favorite is


zamorak all the way!!!

sara is my favorite

sara all the way!!!

isnt there already a topic on this?

O well they all suk

Saradomin, was sorta leanin towards Guthix… but what can be better than showing that demon whose boss with a bolt of lightning? ( Saradomin Stirke )



Don’t know who’s my favorite.




I don’t really like any of them but if I had to choose, I’d say Saradomin.

i would say zammy =P only cause the trim is red =P hehehe as you see red is my favourite colour
but besides that i would pick sara

i lik sara

zarcos the ultimate god of evil is my favourite

list of gods

sarodomin = god of good

guthix = god of neutrality

zarcos = ultimate god of evil (sent to a fluffy nice world with very pretty things by guthix)

zamorak = new god of evil (coz zarcos isnt around anymore)

zaros = lower god of evil (killed by zamorak 4 challenging him 4 right of god of evil)


ivan = son of zamorak

armydall = son of either guthix or sarodomin (not sure)

another 5 who hav no minds who work for sarodomin another 5 without minds 4 guthix and another 5 without minds 4 amorak (they hav no names coz the controlled)

zammy all the way
i think hes cool :lol:

Saradomin I don’t like the evil guy…

Zamorak shall smite all you Sarodominists!

But seeing how easily he gets bored, he might only take out two or three then stop…

Dang. Well, Zamorak’s still cool anyway.