Favorite Guitar.

:twisted: ive asked this before but what is your favorit guitar? Mines the BC Rich Warlock, and the Beast.

i would have to say my fav guitar is a fender

Even though i got kramer 1115 focus, i like fender stratacaster best :smiley:

i didnt know there were different kinds lol

i like gibson yea! i love playin guitar!

yeah i had a fender stratacaster until it was stolen but i was good until, it was stolen. sometimes your best friends are your worst enemies. :evil:


doutrstme look how many posts i have!

I love Fender Stratocasters! I want to get a sunburst colored one, but I have a blue one now…

i have a bc rich warlock too, its a custom art design with a very nice women on it, its shweeet

I hate B.C. Rich guitars. I suppose they’re fine if you play heavy metal music on it, but I hate heavy metal too.

i have no idea lol, i know nothing about guitars, i play the keyboard/piano lol.

I can play a little bit of piano/keyboards too, but I like guitar the best.

doutrustme you had a strat?!

I would kill for one of those… If it was legal too. I’ve got a strat squier, and It’s pretty good. Fender all the way!

Auron08… die, King_Joe you have good taste :twisted:

No u die u faggot… u dont have to agree with auron but u also do not have to tell him to die…moron…anyway fender is the BEST…


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And yeah, Fender is king…

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the fender jagstang

i got a cutsom made jagstang bass a few years ago

Okay, so let me get this straight. You want me to die, because I like Fender Strats? You need some anger problems…

My favorite guitar brands are Esp, Ibanez, and Jackson. My favorite guitar is the Esp Dave Mustaine Signature.

And since you said you already made this topic, I have to lock it now.