Favorite of the Main Gods

I mean the main three gods as in Saradomin, Guthix, and Zamorak. Which is your favorite?

Personally, I like Guthix.

Guthix is my homeboy.

zammorak ownz

George Clooney is my homeboy but thats a different story…ahh well i like Zammy, were poker buddys. :slight_smile:

though i think u stole the part of my siggy where it says George Clooney is my homeboy…grrr
Guthixs’ ur homeboy, pfft…lol jk

I like sara and zammy but not really guthix.
Followers of Guthix are defeating the whole point of guthix because he is balance between sara and zammy so maybe he shouldnt have followers.


~:darkside:~ Michaelks

Zaros! him and Zammy and me get together Fridays to play poker
Ive posted this before but this is his armor JaGex (actually Bob the cat, cus were homies) gave me secretly. dont tell anyone or Bob will come after me!

hehe, so my fave god is Zaros, the secret god of the North.

I like Saradomin the best, just 'cause he’s supposed to be the “good guy” but he ain’t above killing Zammy in the Castle Wars arena.

I think the pic should answer the question…

Best looking god armor by far.

But the zaros armor pwn’s lol. Nice editing.

lol tyvm :0 oh and ur siggy with the runite ore, lol 0wnage

i folow guthix but my clan folows sara and guthix so…but i folow guthix

!Zammorak! because of who he is :smirk: evil laugh

lol i think i need to take that pic outta my sig (it’s huge…) tyvm on the compliment

Saradomin. Hve to save up for his awsome-o armour…sigh

God look he does exist!

i prefer saradomin…his armour looks the best=)…nice and white…or beige

Hey im back after a long break from rs

I like saradomin the best i dunno why but the cross on the plate is cool

well if i chose a rs god saradomin ah… the holy crusades he fits the best discribtion of the one true god…


guthix brings u balance i guess there is a 4th god… me

Sara is the main god for me.
than zammy than guthix