Favorite quote of all time

What is yours? These aren’t my FAVORITE (i dont really have one…) but are two that I like:

AND from a friend (i found it sorta funny)

What’re are some ones you like?

I think I spelled her name right.

this ones not funny but it made me laugh :slight_smile:
in england not long ago we had a petrol crisis thing and petrol stations were putting the price of petrol up loads like from 80p to £1 and asda(wallmart in america?) said we will be the last to put up and the first to come down :slight_smile:

This the best.

Lol i like that bloodfire

This might be suggestive, but it sounds awesome!

lol thanks bloodfire. thats my saying

That does sound kinda cool Leila

10 character limit :frown:

Hmm intersting Extreme lol

Thanks, maybe I should try! Every male backs up three feet.

Lol. You can try it…just not on me :tongue:

Points at sig

Regarding his Grandfather and his dad and his family put in a camp after Pearl Harbor (for being Japanese.)

It’s sad, really. Locked up because some people of your origin are power-hungry idiots.

i saw this in someone’s sig.

Does god stay in heaven in fear of what hes created?

I dont know whos it is

HEHE Star Wars owns!