Favorite Rune?

Mine would be Air. So handy. :slight_smile: And Law. Telekinetic Grab rocks. :smiley:

Agreed, nature, air, law, and blood ^^

this post is pointless…and stop makeing fave posts there beggining to become annoying…

Cosmic. It looks nice.

Law. It makes me go from one place to another so quickly.

Come on now, you know the curiousity of the members of rsr.

Please not be pessimistic. If u don’t like them, don’t post! It’s as easy as that. :slight_smile:

^^ Hehe, well said.

Pessimistic… goes to dictionary.com


It’s handiness is overwhelming.

nats laws and bloodz

Oh, I forgot about Nats, High Alchemy is good… :slight_smile:

nats are cool and im happy when i find em! :slight_smile:

Nature Runes and Law Runes

natures and bloods :stuck_out_tongue:

I like the law runes. Tleleport has saved centuries of traveling for me.

mine are lava runes they would be good for wildy if they wouldnt be sow hard to make.

Airs and deaths, they help me in the barrows :slight_smile:

Law and blood would be mine.

air, it’s my favourite element

Law, Air, Fire, Nature