favorite sport?

well mine is tennis :smiley: :gasp: bet u didnt know that :wink: :bouncy: :ashamed: :raspberry okay so what’s yours? ill be :shocked: if u dont answer :frown: i already voted tennis and plz post what u voted .

Fav Sport? Well, for a team sport, Baseball. Although Soccer and Footy (Australian Rules Football) is good to play with my friends.
sickmate 8)

okay one tennis fan and one baseball fan :smiley:

my favorite sport is cross country skiing because that is the sport i do:D

is it the only one that you do?>

i love basketball

I adoore hockey.

I’ve got two. Soccer, and hockey ;). Both of them own :veryhappy.

soccer(us english call it football)

wow i didnt know that soccer was foot ball in .england?!:shocked:

i like basketball the best but i also like baseball unforthuntly i stink at it :frown:

lol its okay how long u been playin basket ball?

uh… i dont know lol

oh kk well can u give me like one year half a year 2 years etc.?

I don’t do sports like most others in teams in schools.

I though Paintball, WakeBoard, I run and Swim a lot. Just for my health and because I like it.

I like to watch Basketball because I love it and I played for 3 years on and off.

I like soccer too. Fun to play and watch.

my fav sport is football the english version not the american lol

no i am also on track and am a down hill skier

i love basketball, plp tell me i have a hell of a def. idk if thats true but i think that im good in def. anyway… i like ping pong, if thats considered a sport. i also like swiming and biking, my average speed is 20 km/h, i gonna train to raise it to 30 km/h and if i cant at least 25 km/h. i also like to walk but just to pass the time and calm myself down. dodgeball is fun, but not in my grade, the plp there r just plain dumb. i like to play tennis just to pass the time, not like a sport.
i dont like to watch sport because im not part of the action.

i luv footie its the best especially STOKE FC:censored:

I can’t believe u all didn’t vote tennis im with fishy! tennis rules all of u im very good 46 in new england for 10 and unders