Favorite Thing To Train Range With

I was wondering what you guys prefer to train range with. I like darts because they are easy to make and fast exp.

steel throwing knifes

i use bronze arrows.
im poor so i cant afford anything better

i like to range with darts they pwn.

I like any throwing knives and the usual arrows to range :slight_smile:

combo of steel arrows and iron knives, i also kill chompies as they give in a flow of feathers.

Cannon would be better, but Irons are better for EXP if your asking what we use.

im f2p so i use iron arrows for quick EXP

Iron knives are obviously the cheapest and most efficient range exp.

anybody how do u make darts lol??? also i prefer bronze arrows cause i gonna make them unless it easier to make darts???


to make darts u must have done tourist trap quest… and i use iron or steel darts.

Iron throwing knives on moss giants. Its fast exp, and also cheap. ( or just maek em.)

ty but i cmost ppl go wif the darts so i will try them and who thinks u should use somethin else not on the poll

Iron Knives + Cannon = Great range XP.

What I usually use.

cannon get u range xp???

yes its fast exp to

I just use steel bars nice damage done and good xp

i like cannons they always seem to hit high… cannonballs are a little expensive though.

iron knives pwn n00bs

lmao you use steel bars ok

some 1 sig that its clasic

i use steel arrows and steel knifes