Favorite vacation spots

post your fav vacation spots…mine would be carmel, cal. or hawaii( ive been there

Probably Cancun (Mexico), some place in Florida, Aruba, or Aussie! :smiley:


Ive Vacationed in Washington DC, Laguna Beach, Long Beach, LA, Denver, Newark, NYC and a few more but forgot names.
I Love Los Angeles, LAX baby!
second would be Laguna Beach…i didnt know that was a real place. i thought it was just a TV show :slight_smile: lol but its very nice.

Northern Italy or Greece.

Or Arizona, I love the desert.

I myself like the Carribean, the water is so clear and blue.

Lol LAX… Just an airpot… Calm down yo :D, and Laguna Beach I hear takes place at a real place (no duh), but it’s not called Laguna Beach. I watched that s how like once lol


France. Probably the Pas De Calais/Somme


hawaii yea thats the stuff or mexico

Yea but i went to LAX! its a very nice airport if i do say so myself :slight_smile:
and the show Laguna Beach…i think it sucks but in real life Laguna Beach is an awesome place to vacation at. Ive also been to Las Vegas…fun times on the strip :slight_smile: