favorite weap??????

wats ur favorite weap

I personally like the battle axe… Though the 2 hander is right below that… I might buy a scimmy and see how that works just to test out it’s accuracy and speed… (The things I have been hearing good about the scimmy…)

I love my dragon longsword, i use it for everything.

um… i lik my rune scimmy but a rune longsword and rune 2h is pretty good also

2 handers all the way… I love my rune 2 hander 8)

Definately rune scimmy. Rune 2h and battle axe are hard hitting, but they take twice as long to hit with. On top of that, you can’t use a shield with the 2 hander. My theory is this. If you can hit a 17 with a 2 hander, but can hit two 10’s with a scimmy, then you are essentially doing 20 damage with the scimmy in approximately the same amount of time as you are doing 17 damage with the 2h. Also, the battle axe isn’t usually as accurate as the scimmy, so you don’t hit as often.
That’s just my theory… I have tried the battle axe and 2 hander, but I’d have to say that the scimmy is my favorite.

Yea but the problem with that theory that I noticed is that a rune scimmy might hit a 10 every once in a while with a low attack lvl rune user as with a rune 2 hander it will hit 3 10’s in a row even tho its going slower. I was owning my magic using friend with it…showed him how good magic was :lol:!!!

I like the battleaxe best!

i dont care what u all say but i think aronbobby is right i am usimg a rune skimmy as my wepon right now and its the best wepon i ever used and ive used every 1 of them so i no what im talking about :twisted:

Dragon Dagger is the bomb, hits fast, has poison, lots of special attack, and its fairly accurate, excellent even for pking

I like longswords, i have a rune one.

Right now my favorite is Rune scimmy.

scimmys r da best
pretty accurate, and i take off soo much more with em
sickmate 8)

Exactly, thats why I use them.

well if you play rs classic, 2h or baxe is better because they all hit the same speed. If you play rs2 like the rest of us i prefer long because it it acurate hits good and is cheaper than simmy.

BTW scimitar is abreviated scimmy NOT sKimmy there is no K.

Who you talking about? I didnt spell it that way.

I’m not talkning about you, I’m just stating my opinion.

Ok, thanks for clarifying.

Dragon Mace is my favorite, popping off 40s with the special :lol:

go scimmy! fast and does ok damage. and it looks cool, if only they had a dragon scimmy…