ok here are your choices…

1.What is your favorite commercial jingle? How does it go?

2.Other than yourself who do you think is the best person on rsr?

3.What do you think about my sig?

4.What is you favorite part of my sig?

dats ur choices and my answers

1.its goes like this…



Blueberry: Used to have a lady. I called her miss cherry. She ended in a toaster next to and 8-ounce glass of dairy!

Singing lizard: thats cold…milk (blueberry trips over a chair)

Blueberry: i got the blueberry pop tarts ™ blues! (string breaks)

Kid: Well she was hot! (dramatic break)


  1. don’t have one
  2. um…i’m not really sure
  3. little too big…it’s ok…7/10
  4. i like the one made by michaelks

ya me too…


  1. the meow mix song…its catchy!
  2. ah… there are alot of ppl but the person that i know the most on rsr thats active here is Flamable000, but weve known eachother sence i was lvl 5 amd he was lvl 10.)
  3. 7/10, there pritty good
  4. um the give with your guy and it looks kool…i dont know y it just dos

Anthony and Koshi, you both have until monday to reduce the size of your sigs. Go to this link to find out the size you are allowed.


The person i like the best on rsr would probably be ice.
sigs too big reduce it. Theres a new rule about it i think.
There is no favorite part of it also.

well im not going to get anyone mad so ok no sig

That doesn’t mean that you cannot have a signature, it just means that you need to tone down the size a bit…

That’s all
-=~ J.T. ~=-

p.s. 600th post

ok its no prob but there is a problem about my animated sig…i cannot reduce it…

Alrite… Here we go! :smiley:

  1. I can’t think of anything so the Meow Mix commercial as well lol.
  2. Lol other than myself… I think actaully Redwraith is.
  3. Your signature is nice, a little too big… Maybe get rid of 1 image… Lol 7/10.
  4. Definitley the one made by Michaelks… Animated sigs rule the day lol.


1.My fav is… i dont have one, i HATE em all.
2. I reckon MrParris.
3. 7/10 pretty good.
4.the pics of the iban staff and 3d sword.

sickmate 8)

ya really i didnt give enough credit to the dude who made the animated for me…