Favourite movie genre and movie

pick yur favourite type of movie tell us yur fav movie ever!

i luv lotr(lord of the rings)

my fav movie is man in the iron mask…

my fav movie is troy

i like humor and i also like action and my favorite movie is lotr rotk

ill pick one for each,
sci fi… metropolis
humor… harold and kumar go to white castle
adventure… cowboy bebop if that is an adventure
horror… the only movie i kinda got scared on house on haunted hill
action… still for i robot
last as a family flick… i recommend The incredibles :lol:

action… terminator 1 and 2
and jurassic park

Comedy is the best, dodgeball is like the funniest movie ever!

was one of the funniest but ya have to see harold and kumar go to white castle. youll laugh you @$$ off.

Humor and scary movie 3.

who watched meet the fockers?

o ya wat rating of movie yu watch the most? i usually watch pg 13

rune2h, please stop double posting. this is your final unofficial warning because I have seen you do this many times.

horror: dawn of the dead

humor:scary movie 3

Ya its funny.

thx for the warning iced earth

rune2h… Right here… Laughed my umm… Butt off… Yeah, hilarious… I voted for humor because I saw more humor movies last year (2004) than any other genre… soccerpros… I saw Dawn of the Dead but I really didn’t think it was as good as I though it was going to be… All the horror movies I saw last year weren’t as good as I thought… I’m not trying to say horror movies suck or anything and I’m not trying to be offensive… Oh sorry, except for Open Water… That movie insert many negative words that should not be exclaimed in full letters on this forum… Sorry, but the movie just wasn’t good… (Also Saw wasn’t great as a lot of my friends say) Ok, sorry about that… Yeah, heard that Harold and Kumar go to White Castle was pretty funny… I wish I saw it… And Dodgeball was pretty funny… Terminator 2… The best, IMO, movie of the Terminator series… And yeah… Jurassic park… First one was pretty good… Second one was not as great as I thought but not too shabby… Third one… 8O 8O 8O … Wow… I just can’t believe that it was so… Bad… I was acutally looking forward to the third one too… I literally jumped out of my seat in the theater when I saw the teaser for the third movie… It was such a dissapointment… Kinda makes me feel worried for the 4th movie thats supposed to come out in 2006… I, Robot was good, and The Incredibles was really good… Very very funny… I thought Troy was good and I think they did an excellent job making it but a lot of people tell me that if you read the… umm… I forgot the book :oops: (Feels incredibly dumb) either the Iliad or the Odessy (sp?) but I think it’s the Iliad… Well anyways, people said if you had read the original novel… I think it is officially called an epic… Then it ruins the movie for you… Because of inaccuracies and changes to the characters is what I’ve heard… LOTR… Well, what can I say… A great fantasy novel trilogy made into a great fantasy movie trilogy… But I think my personal fav was Fellowship of the Ring cause of the revealing of the complete storyline… Kudos to Peter Jackson for doing such a well job… (RotK won 11 out of 14 oscar nominees… How can anyone say that it wasn’t good?) Well, as for my fav movie… I really don’t have fav movies even when split into genres… Fantasy goes to the LOTR movies, the Harry Potter movies, uhh… Hmm… Think that’s it… Unless you can count Lemony Snicket’s: A Series of Unfortunate Events as fantasy… For Sci-Fi: Terminator 2 and 3 but I liked 2 more (I haven’t seen the first but people say that it isn’t as good as the other two…), Jurassic Park the first one, kind of the second one but definitely not the third… Hopefully the fourth one will redeem the reputation for the JP series, oh right… How can I forget… The Matrix Trilogy as a whole (The third one IMO was just a tad better than the first and the second one isn’t that far off)… Umm… Adventure… I can’t really think of any here… Humor… Meet the Fockers, Dodgeball, umm… Man can’t think of any movies right now… Action… I guess umm… Hmm… I, Robot was good… If The Punisher came out in the last three years than yeah… Horror… Only one movie (series) can I think of that was pretty good… Resident Evil… Sorry the other’s weren’t as good as I thought it would be… The Village if you can count that… (A lot of people hated it, I thought it wasn’t that bad IMO) Family Flicks: Basically all works of the Pixar company and all of the animated works of Dreamworks (IE, Shrek, Antz, Shark Tale)… Yeah… I think that’s it… Sorry if I offended anyone… I wasn’t trying to… BTW the movies I listed above are just the movies I’ve seen and still remember in my head at the moment for the last three years… I just mentioned movies prior to the release of three years ago because they belong to a movie series which a movie of that series had come out in the last three years… Well, sorry for making this post so long…

Edit: 8O Woah… Didn’t realize it was THIS long… Heh a lot of people in the theater thought it was funny when that fat lady died and turned into a zombie and then chased that one girl…

holy he** that was a long post…lol, but neways…i saw dawn of the dead and i thought it was more of a comedy then a horror it was funny when the legless guy atacked em i laughed for like an hour

i think anime movies are best.
My favourite anime movies are metropolis and vampire hunter d 8)

i’m not sure what my favoutrite movie is but i that comedys and everyne who liked the lotr my house is a one minute walk away from where the premere was held :smiley: :smiley: