They say there is nothing to fear except fear itself. LEt’s find out if this statment is true to any of you.

I do fear fear, but I fear metal folding chairs even more.

The thing I fear the most is fear itself…

and this!!!

EDIT yes thats a greater demon with a dragon sycth and sq shield

I fear fear itself as well. But my friend who claims to be in the tree across from my house looking through a sniper scope at my head kinda freaks me out too (lol). :?

metal folding chairs? did u have an accident when you were a child or something?

Big time Arachnophob right here… Points to myself My school has this traditional trips to this one place… Kinda like a campground place where the whole senior class goes and spends two days and a night (My senior class wasn’t too big and at the moment, it was 49 people big) and we had fun and all that day and so right before I had to go into my room (Which I shared with 6 other people) I took a shower… Well, I just did what I did, brushed my teeth, put on my retainer, and take out my contacts… I just casually walked over to the shower and was about to go in when I noticed something by the drain and I threw something in and out crawls out this huge spider… I screamed really loud and went out of the room… Everyone was confused about why I was screaming so my friends came in and saw that there was a spider… It wouldn’t go down the drain so I just took a shower in another room… It was pretty embarrasing but I’ve pretty much been afraid of spiders since I was 12 or so… I always though they were cool before that but then I just developed a fear for them… Other than that, the only other thing that scares me is knowing that I will or I am being betrayed by my friends… It’s happened once and I kinda never forgot it… I forgot the minor details but I knew my friend had betrayed me… No, I’ll spare you the pain of reading another long novel written as a post and just conclude this “essay” that I’ve written… But other than that, I really don’t get scared when other people are unless it’s life threatening…

I know this girl who is scared of nothin, but show her a spider, and… hey, you can come down off the cieling now… :slight_smile:

xenophobia is the fear of ghosts did u know that? I once knew the fear of peanut butter sticking to the roof of your mouth, but i forgot it.

i dont really get that statement…“nothing to fear but fear itself” i dont really fear fear it gives me an adrenaline rush like crazy so when im afraid of something it suks but when you look back its like wow thats awesome i did that and im still here…but im clostrophobic so tight spaces scare the crap outta me

No, xenophobia is fear of foriegn things.

Im pretty sure that its ghosts…

here is a website with every phobia! ( ithink)


AHHHHHHHHHHHHH peanut butter cowers in corner

:lol: :lol: :lol: lol, the fear of the number 13 is Triskadekaphobia.

Heh… I remember when my friends made me believe that there was a spider in my dorm room at my old high school… When I believed them, I refused to go into that room until they had to sit me down and tell me that they were joking… I checked all over my room before I went to bed that night… But apparently, one of my friend’s friend has more of an arachnophobic problem than me… But now, I highly doubt that cause I am always getting more and more scared of them… I mean, they’re good for the environment in terms of controling bug population but I can’t really take it when they’re like right in front of me… Unless they’re behind a glass or plastic case… BTW, it’s the little fast ones that scare me… Really big ones like tarantulas don’t scare me that bad since I know that their venom isn’t that bad… Although I heard they hurt like no other…

xenophobia is the fear of ghosts did u know that? I once knew the fear of peanut butter sticking to the roof of your mouth, but i forgot it.

Heck, there’s a whole website that lists all of the phobias… I know that cherophobia is the fear of happiness, ophidophobia is the fear of snakes, hydrophobia can be the fear of water but it is more known as the scientfic name for rabies… Yeah… There’s a whole bunch of them… And half of them are just plain weird… I know a show where they try to help people who have weird phobias… One lady was cured from a severe phobia of fish and this one girl was cured of a severe phobia of dogs…

Edit: Hehe… Triskadekaphobia is my fav cause it sounds so cool though the phobia description is so… Bizarre…

When i was 2 my neighbours had a jack russel. Wheneva we went ova there he used to charge at me and knock me down. I hav always hated dogs until we got 1 last year

can you be afraid of yourself?..BTW i know somone who is afraid of soap

soap lol! I dunno if you can be afraid of yourself… I suppose you can.

(well, if there is a fear of peanut butter sticking to the roof of your mouth, i suposse there is a fear for everything! :lol: )

Yeah, there’s a fear for everything… I know this girl who’s afraid of the color yellow because when she was little, she ate something with yellow food coloring and had an allergic reaction (By now you should know it was the food coloring that she was allergic to and not what the acutal food itself was…) and ever since then, she’s had an acute case of being afraid of the color yellow… It’s not anything major… It’s not like she’ll go ballistic by looking at the smilies that you can post or anything… But I just thought that was kinda weird…

Have a look at the site i posted above. Its got most of them

Ya I’ve been there… It’s kinda noticeable that some of the phobias that they list separately are just another way to say a fear for something… I think they post like 5 ways to say a fear of bees or something in that list… There was another site with phobias that combined the terms that mean the fear of a certain thing in one category… I forgot the link though…

lol can i post lots of smilies to scare your friend? lol just joking that would prob be seen as spamming but i got arachnophobia too, other than that i love everything scary i cant get enough of it! :twisted: :evil: :twisted: :evil: :twisted: :evil: :twisted: :evil: :twisted: hehehehe i really love scary things!!! althought those smilies arnt very scary, unless your geminimans friend. haha

EDIT: oh and xenophobia is the fear of foreign people (hitler had it) i learned that in history!