~~~~~Feather store's~~~~~

I’m selling 50k feathers. My lowest price is 10gps each. Anyone place ur bid in here. I’ll wait 2 days. My rsn is Angel Gurl 8. I’ll sell seperate amount if u want for at least 10gps each. Thanks for visiting. :wink:

I’ll buy 6k for 10 each sportfreak56 if u want to sell

ok add me angel gurl 8 . i’m in world 27 right now
I’m still selling feathers anyone want to buy?

ill buy sum i think ill buy 4.5k feathers ill get on after school im in 5th period rite now soo yeah

I’ll buy 5k for 50k.
If you could sell for less… I’ll buy more.


can i buy 1kof feathers im in college at the mo will you be on at 4:10pm GMT if you are message me in the game and we can meet in a world of your choice

game name:: Nozzle666

Peace Out 


Mess wiht me and its the last thing you will do! :x

ok i add all of ya

Thats a rip off. You can but at the fish store in port sarem for 2 gp each!

taylor, go eat urfself u bloody idiot! thats a good price for feathers. feathers go for 10-14 gp ea. SO SHUTUP AND LEARN THE PRICES. (i told him to eat himself cause his avater says ‘i eat noobs’)

Got here late :frowning: But are you still selling feathers?
I’ll buy 40k for 10g ea. (400k).