Feel ancient.


Some of you might of remembered me as Slayermaster.

I remember you quite vividly. Pujols050 if you’re confused by the username haha.

I recognize you yeah, checked your sig earlier.

Vividly? For the bans or?

Good to hear from you.

Just as an old school guy :o

Cool. Does Ogo still play?

Don’t think so. Haven’t seem him in ages.

Shame. You play a pure at all or you using a main?

Ogo hasn’t been been playing for ages I think, he has dropped by few times if I remember correctly o.o

Welcome back.

Have a lvl 78 rune pure range 2her, and creating a 1 def range 2h. But mainly playing on my main (is that a pun? :cool:).

Thanks Viper, what was your old username?

Puj, make that 2her, I’ll tb :slight_smile:

yo, welcome back stats on pure?
i gots range 2h as well


And welcome back, still remember you =)


And welcome back, still remember you =)

Sup, I remember you. You once made me a sig and it said Damaster73 and I was heated :(. Welcome back though :smiley:

Haha my bad.

My pure stats are 40 att 64 str 73 range 85 magic as of yet.

54 combat.

I’ll be 85 range before you know it.

Nice pure :o

Really need to start working on mine some more.

Mine’s a straight up beast… but not really
20 attack 63 strength at like 40 combat lol

You should both make 40 attack pures with at least 85 strength.

As a trio we could do some serious damage, i’d video aswell.

I remember you :stuck_out_tongue: you joined a month after me in 2004 lol.

Holy Crap…
You’d remember me as the kid who couldn’t write for shit…