Felt like postin stats...

Since i just got 1400 total :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice stats , ownage cooking

Cooking is thanks to all the hard working fishers of sharks :stuck_out_tongue:

My wittle peekay has some skillz =) now post a bank pic like I told you to before :slight_smile:

wow nice stats XD

My bank is horrible :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice stats!

eh there ok i guess you noob =P

nice stats…all quite even stats…9/10


Yeah i try to keep them even. Hard to do that when you start liking one skill tho =\

Nice stats :slight_smile: Great cooking

what stat u like the most? You could get boss def
cook and prayer are 0wange

I like slayer atm, might start doing more thieving and stuff for desert treasure and other quests soon tho

You’re still a noob…:slight_smile:

nice stats

nice 100 cb…
good cooking

Good. Cooking. Me. Like.

Yes. I. Like. It. Too.

Nice stats nub, good luck on 99 cooking o.O