Ferkahhan Sketch - Will be coloured

I drew this in bed last night :smiley:

That, my friend, is awesome.
I love it, Ferkahhan.
The flames are awesome. And the head is awesome.
Everything is awesome.
9.9/10, can’t wait for color ;).

The flames was just an afterthought… the flames took me all of a minute :slight_smile:

But they look awesome. :stuck_out_tongue: As if I hadn’t said it enough.
Once again, nice job. How long did it take you?

The whole sketch took me… 34 mins?

Wow, nice job :stuck_out_tongue:
34 minutes… I could maybe draw a few stickfigures in that time.
I stink at sketching ^^

Wow it looks awesome.

Thats just awesome…you pwn me at sketching…

Mm probably helps that I was taught by the best Scaly (dinos/dragons) Anthro Artist in the world - Kaa BakenSobek (formerly known as Kaa Starhunter)

flaps his wings in joy

I understood nothing you just said Jolio :D.

But I do know that your sketch OWNZ! And that hurry up and make it so I can pretend your work is mine :stuck_out_tongue:

P.S. Why isn’t the gift I gave you in your gifts list :(.

It is… it’s number 24!

Awesome work Ferkahhan. You never seize to amaze us! 9/10 (full marks when coloured!)

Mm… I lined it in…

The fire will come in later…

When its coloured its gonna look AWESOME!!!

Mm… coloured

Time to shade it…

WOW OmG thats soo cool!!!10/10!!!

It should look better when its shaded… but black/dark grey colours are a hell to shade…

Mm… I worked that out a long time ago >.<
Shading leather isn’t too hard… just said his death wish

sweet man!
i love the way the finger look right, i can never draw fingers properly :stuck_out_tongue:
nice goin jojo, i like the amount of detail used e.g. the spike band :slight_smile:

I like the flame background.
Good job dude, your real goood drawer.
I rate it 10/10! :slight_smile: