Few Level Ups+First Dragon Drop

First Dragon Drop, not that great but whatever-

67 Slayer-

86 Attack-

87 Hitpoints-

!! @ !! Jeff is too cool for RSR

nice stats jeff! nice d speard drop, where do u fight those monsters?

Back in the day when I played RS, I played for YEARS… I only had 8 dragon drops.

The first dragon drop was a Dragon Spear (like you) but from Shadow Warriors.
The second dragon drop was a Dragon Skirt (steel dragons)
Third was another Dragon Skirt (steel dragons)
Fourth was a Dragon chainbody (Kalphite Queen)
Fifth was another Dragon chainbody (Dust Devils)
Seventh was D legs (Steel dragons)
Eigth was D med (Fire Giants)

Those drops are pretty common, I’ve only once beaten a steel dragon. Im only 68 Combat =(

congrats on the lvls. wat r dag spears worth and r they any good?

go jeff go!

Nice one, try owning the KQ or the KBD next, you will kill them easily :slight_smile:

He wouldnt own the kq alone…

Grats… I’ve never got any dragon :s

Cool Jeffman, nice d spear drop and Tarchy, you’ve had 2 d chains? What’s your rsn so i can check out your stats =p

Nice combat lvls ,Dragon spear nice, hope u get more d drops

Nice dragon drop… I have never got a dragon drop out of my whole RS Career, wow that’s pretty sad compared to other amazing peeps. Hopefully I’ll be lucky and get one soon :stuck_out_tongue:

wow nice stats with pots :slight_smile:

There east of Relleka

I sold a couple a friend gave me for selling some stuff for 200k ea. I’m not sure if there any good or not, I prefer my whip over them though…:wink:

congratz on drag drop and those lvls, I remember when I was higher lvl than danmit, I’m 95…been offline for 3 months

Congrats, very nice :slight_smile:

thats like totally no life-fatty-fat-ghjjf-nerd-nerd.

gratz on lvls and drag dropz0rz

wow nice drop and lvl.s :smiley:

Thanks (I think)