few more pks (nothing much)

^^^ 3 rune itemer got lucky as his skull wore off right as i kod him

^^^^^^never even had to eat i ran up to him with skim and hit 18-17-18-16 then while he was eaiting i switched to 2h and hit 23 for the ko!

oh and i pked rune skim, baxe, helm and some runes and stuff with iraqs clan
also i missed a ton of pics these are the only ones i could find
-oh and i will be taking a break from pking as i am out of food for now

congrats i like that combo of 18’s e.tc i can never do well at edgeville lol

100% ownage :smiley:

wow nice pks
u always have good killz to see

thanks pindini iraq and sk8a

dude, u are 7h3 pur3 l337 0wn@g3111 “73h” to be xact! u are like the best pker, i think, in the game. but there are probably others out there, but i think ur 73h b357

ummmmmm a lil over the top mayb but thanks all the same =P

You can hit 23 in F2P with 70 stength? LOL dam, I hit a lil over that and im P2P

yeah with r2h-str pot-31 pray-70 str i hit 23s =P 55 combat
i think 71 str is 24s