Fight Against Spam

Greetings RSR,

I wanted to bring this to all of your attentions in case you haven’t noticed it yourself.

The fight against spam has always been a one-sided battle. I tried a few techniques to prevent the spam, but it still got through. Well today I am announcing that for once we may finally have dealt a critical blow against forum spam.

If you haven’t noticed at the bottom of the Forum homepage there is a new set of statistics.

Uploaded with

What this means is I installed a Mod known as SPam-O-Matic, and what it does is it checks the IP address, email, and username being used to register. It then also auto-moderates many threads on the forums for spam information.

So far in the 3 days since I installed the Mod, we have had over 300 spam accounts denied from registering on the site, 1 spam account that made it through was banned by the software, and 2 new spam accounts were sent to the spam databases showing our contribution.

I will ask for your continued help if you do see spam on the site, but this war may finally be in our favor.

Happy Scaping RSR

100 spam bots a day… wow.

This makes me so happy. I’ve been fighting the fight for a long time (see signature) and am happy to see the staff doing something too. RSR on it’s way back is more likely than I thought. Soon, we’ll be a RUNESCAPE FORUM again =)

Correction, we will be a Runescape Community again.

Damn right.

Ha, seems like nobodyy comes here for runespacee anymoree aha.

nothing but dino love around here bro