fight pits

world 89…come fight for fun…if you kill me you get what ever i dig up in my bank…cause im bored…soo bored…

on me way! w00t!

if someone can tell me how to save a hypercam file ill tape it…cause i have hypercam 2 but its unregestered…

i would but these lobs need fishing an i’d rather not be owned in 2 hits =P.

nobodys here yet…

i got held up… its gonna take me lil bit of time to get down there

im compileing the prize now, i learned how to save vids…and ill post the prize in a sec
ddp, javes (rune and addy, 3 rune daggers, addy kite…
and its world 83 now

more ppl come! lol :slight_smile:

in the fight pits… lol. that sounds like a challenge but aint for me

im here all alone :frowning: oh, i will box you jack, i box you no armour, no weapons, nothing equiped, no healing, and no prayer :slight_smile:

I beat you twice and you called me a cheating noob since I had supplies now thats sad lol.