fight to the prize!!!

i am holding a competition for members only at the moment i’m afraid, e cannot do it in any other way, i will hold a f2p soon. the competition is held in the duel area and we meet at the bank chest the entree fee is 5k to cover the prize funds. the full prize is a large sum of money depending on how much i raise and a mystery prize boght with the rest of the money. the date is yet to be confermed but hopfully oon january 15th 7p.m english time, any people who wish to help can do so and all who wish to apply please write so below. thank you.

this is nodiffrent then my dueling contest other than the fact that mine is free so why makesomethin exactly the same?

This smells of a scam. So you want people to pay you for a mystery prize, when you can easily just run away with the gp?

wow in one day i’ve seen two scammers on here when theres rarely ever any

I think I flamed too much on the other scamming topic, so I edited my post.

this is no scam it is a gathering of loads of peeps at the dueling arena. the mystery prize is a mystery coz we don’t know how many peeps are gonna come so we cnnot tell wat we can afford as the mystery prize

i still say its a scam

Look’s like a scam, I can beleive that he\she would like to hold this but everyone on RuneScape cannot be trusted, Sorry Tesni.

ya i think that this is a scam …

i think we get the point that everyone thinks its a scam…

scam lol :roll: