FINALLY 1k total lvl on f2p acheived =)

Got it today heres pic

And thanks Ogo The Fat for supplying me with fire tally :smiley:

Dam you’re a good F2Per. Gratz mate, wish i was there.

Nice congratz on getting 1000 total f2p. You should definitely consider getting members.

Very nice Cyclops. I’ve been trying that since August now and I’m still ages away from getting it.

nice one. was that at the party?

Grats m8 :slight_smile:

I would but I’m not allowed to :open_mouth:

Thanks for positive comments everyone.

Same here, parents don’t want to pay.
Oh, and congrats!
I’m only about 38 away from 1k total.

Cool, im 220 lvls away from 1k total. :frowning: Congrats.

w00t great work :stuck_out_tongue:
and how long have u played?
sickmate 8)

congrats dude! lol it is me and skate behind u… i think he is in the lead with 1 total lv or something…

just found out that me and him have the same total lv!! 904 W00T! :smiley:

Ive been playing since November 2003, but I quit for nearly a year and came back in July 2004 (when i joined RSR).

Dang, that’s a long time!
Congrats on the 1k total again, you are my f2p hero! :slight_smile:

thats really awsome man good job

yo…congrats on the 1k total…thats an awesome achievement for an f2per…thats what im tryin to do to…im still 120 points away…i think…ooh well…congrats again…

Gratz on 1,000 overall for f2p! That’s like…well…I dunno for p2p, but it’s one of the best things an f2p player can do! Congratz, mate! You earned it!

congrats man thats a hard goal on f2p

Yesh! You DO Rule!! Hehe…

congrats! i wish i had my total lvl that high…lol…

u inspire me