Finally Got My Report Card...

Yes, I am a nerd you can say (I do good :tongue:)

Civics/Economics: B+ (dumb teacher)
Language Arts 9: A-
PE/Health: A
Intro To Modernt Tech: A

Grade Point Average: 3.825 (max is 4.00)

:stuck_out_tongue: i get all a’s anyway nice job :smiley:

smarty pants. :smiley: good job

i ended up with a 3.60 3rd quarter.

I’m a B to A- student.

When you get below an A it’s the teachers fault eh?

lol wow your a friggin genious
my marks are horrible this term, mostly cause im being lazy
of wat i know of
History- 55-60%(D - C-)…65 is good enough, its not that important…
Math-50%(D-)need a 75%+
Home Maintance-80%(A-)90 would be nice
English-70 something %(B-)ok…could be better if i did any of the posters

better then mine, a a a b b b c

perfectionist keyboarding teacher…

Today has been. Horrible. Damn report cards. I got just C’s and stuff, and some B’s. But I would have gotten straight A’s if I actually tried. I could care less but ma pops gon send me to military school fi i can’t get my behavior and stuff together. So I gotta step ma game up then I guess

Also good job y’all,you’re pretty smart

You only have 4 grades? But cool, and getting good grades doesn’t make ya a nerd.

yea, like this one kid in my class got 4 100s… hes one of the collest kids in the school :slight_smile:

luckyt i wish i got your grades i get like c’s b’s and i used to have a’s but somehow i managed to not have them anymore

Yea…All ma boys, we cool and all dat, and we SMART! Just it doesn’t always show yah :drool:.

Now the smart label isn’t just for nerds :P.

nerd :stuck_out_tongue: good job

Yeah we only have 4 90 minute classes a day, makes it kind of nice since I like never have homework…:tongue:

It was the teachers fault since there was a couple papers I turned in (handed directly to him and he remembered it) and he marked them as incompletes and made me turn them in for a late grade. I was 0.5% from an A- so I was kind of mad…

malibubrad, if you were to need help with anything I can always try to help ya. Just PM me here and I’ll see if I can help…

mine is f,f,f,f,c,b,f or something like that


I got 2 A’s and 3 C’s, Im scared of my mom now…she thinks Im getting all A’s…

y are ppls parents like that…i know alot of ppl moms thatll like kick them out of the house if they get like a B on there Report…it just dosent make sence to me, a b is good

i got all a’s

What a genius :cool:
I’m like a whale with my grades, always below C level lol